White Giraffe Spotted In Kenya – Rare white giraffes filmed in the wild.

Rare White Giraffe Spotted!

Did you ever see a white giraffe? It’s hard to believe, but as we can see, there are some white giraffes spotted in Kenya.


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This actual footage shows us that really in our world are living, beautiful animals, that we have to see more and learn the new ones.

Just take a look at this amazing video of them.


Rare white giraffes filmed in the wild.

They are video recordings in a way that probably never existed before: In Kenya, two white giraffes have been getting sighted, apparently a mother and her calf. The locals are puzzling over the reasons for the phenomenon.

The pattern of a giraffe is as distinctive as that of a tiger. However, two specimens have now been getting sighted in Kenya that are extraordinary; their fur is white.

The Hirola Conservation Programme, a non-governmental, organization has published a video showing the animals in the Ishaqbini Hirola Conservancy in the Garissa region. Like a pale ghost, the nearly 4.5-meter tall mother animal moves through the vegetation, followed by a calf.

As the HCP writes on its website, the giraffes are not supposed to be albinos. Instead, they are said to suffer from a genetic defect called leucism.

It is a mutation that causes the fur to be white and the underlying skin to be pink, as the skin does not contain any dye-producing cells. In albinism, on the other hand, these cells are present but cannot produce the dye melanin. So almost all-white domestic cats are leucistic.

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According to the HCP, white giraffes are extremely rare. Nevertheless, such animals have been sighted several times since the beginning of 2016. In Tanzania and already once in the same protected area in Kenya.

The locals are puzzled by the phenomenon. It is new to us; the HCP quotes a ranger who had discovered the giraffes. We never saw anything like it as a child. It must be a new development. We’re not sure what’s causing it.


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