The poodle is a breed of dog that is believed to be of German origin. However, it became trendy in France and was accepted as the National Dog of France.

It is known as the smartest and most popular dog breed in the world and is famous for its loyalty to its owners.

Here’s everything you need to know about Poodle Dog.


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Today, poodle represents a life of leisure and luxury, but it is not. This dog breed is dogs bred to do business.

The poodle is also derived from the German word Pudel, which means splashing into the water in English.

There are three types of poodle dogs: small to large, miniaturized, and Standard.

Regardless of its size, every poodle breed is famous for its highly entertaining home dog.

In many households, the poodle is actually a hunting dog, although it is grown as an ornamental dog.

It is highly successful in water fishing, especially in duck hunting.

The poodle is not limited to this, here are the essential things you need to know about it.


The World’s Most Intelligent Dog

The poodle dog is accepted as one of the smartest dogs in the world. The most important feature of this breed is that it is highly intelligent and can quickly be trained as well.


Extreme Loyal

Another in-depth feature of the poodle breed is that they are very loyal to their owners and are very jealous of them. They don’t want to share.


Curly Hairs

The poodle’s feathers are very curly. Therefore, hair care is critical and should be crawled at regular intervals.


Don’t Shave Them Too Much

The long hair of a poodle dog protects it from heat and cold. It’s not right to shave the dog.


They Hear Very Well

Poodle dogs with sensitive ears are capable of hearing almost anything. Besides, the sense of direction founding is excellent.


Get’s Bored Quickly

Poodles are very cheerful and well-mannered, they don’t like to get bored. In this regard, they should not go over while they are being trained.


They Bark Too Much

Poodle dogs usually bark too much. You need to focus on barking behaviors during your training. They can be looked at home, but they need to solve the barking issue.


They Love Water

They’re good with water, and they like to wash.


If you are searching for a cute, small and intelligent dog breed, just go for the Poodle Dog!