We all love to eat Sharon fruit and Persimmon, but what is the difference between them? Let us check it out!

Kaki and Sharon are the same types of fruit. The differences can be found in detail because the Sharon fruit is a refined cultivated form of the Persimmon. 

While the Persimmon initially comes from Asia and is still cultivated mainly in Korea, Japan, and China. The Sharon comes from the Sharon plain in Israel. Today it is also grown in Spain, Italy, and South America.

Unlike the Persimmon, the Sharon has a thinner skin, its flesh is slightly firmer, and it does not contain any seeds. It also has an unusually mild taste. 

Since it produces smaller amounts of the tanning agent gall tannin, it is already sweet even when not yet fully ripe, while the Persimmon still tastes quite bitter. It also has a more lasting shelf life than the Persimmon.

Compared to many other fruit varieties, persimmons and Sharon fruits have a particularly high beta-carotene content. They also owe the orange peel and flesh to the precursor of vitamin A. 

Vitamin A contributes, among other things, to the maintenance of normal vision and skin. Besides, well as to the normal functioning of the immune system.

Both fruits can quickly be eaten raw. As the pulp is quite soft and very juicy, it is a good idea to cut the Persimmon and Sharon into small pieces. 

The skin is edible, but it doesn’t taste enjoyable if the Persimmon is not yet ripe and should be getting removed. Like a ripe tomato, a ripe persimmon yields slightly under pressure. 

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The skin of Sharon can always get eaten. The fruit should be washed thoroughly before eating. It tastes good in a yogurt cream, for example.


Persimmon Fruit (Kakis)

Persimmon Fruit (Kakis)
Image by Sergej Cankov from Pixabay

Persimmon of the variety Type – originally from Asia

Kakis have a round shape, look like orange tomatoes, and formerly come from Asia (China, Japan, Korea).

Their taste reminds of a mixture of apricots and tomatoes.

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The term persimmon includes the Sharon fruit and the Persimmon. However, most vegetable sellers refer to the various type as the Persimmon. These persimmons can only be getting eaten when fully ripe.

If the fruit is unripe, it has a slightly tart taste. It is due to the relatively high amount of tannins, the tannins that this fruit contains. The riper the fruit is, the lower it’s content of these tannins.


The Persimmon can only be getting eaten when fully ripe. If you don’t like the thick, leathery skin of the Persimmon, you should peel or halve it and spoon out the very soft flesh like a kiwi.


Sharon Fruit

Sharon Fruit
Image by Lebensmittelfotos from Pixabay

The Sharon fruit is smaller and flatter in shape, more yellowish, and is originally from Israel.

It owes its name to the fertile Sharon plain where it is grown. The pulp is lovely, and the aroma reminds of sugar melons and peach.

The Sharon fruit is a unique variety from Israel, which is getting intended for export. Sharon fruit can be harvested unripe and stored for up to 5 months and then artificially replenished.



The bowl can get eaten with the food, but the taste is not everybody’s cup of tea. Therefore, the skin can quickly remove like an apple, and the fruit can cut into slices.

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