Ways Your Mother Lied to You About Easy Peasy’s!

What looks easy peasy but is actually challenging to do? There are times where we think about a subject it’s effortless to do, but these 37 Quotes about Easy Peasy but hard to do will challenge your mind!


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  1. Whistling with your fingers.
  2. Dancing. I wouldn’t say it looks “easy”, but when I see people do it, they’re so good at it and it flows so well it looks easy. But damn, I just CANNOT get my body to do anything more than a bop and maybe some stupid arm moves.
  3. Digging. Anytime its shown in movies or TV it looks easy af but the second you have to grab a shovel and break dirt…. bleh.
  4. Drawing something from memory. Like a bird or something.
  5. A basic physical exam at the doctor.
  6. Those captcha things on google. I can honestly never read them and the website always thinks i’m a robot.
  7. Street names.
  8. “Natural” makeup. More work than “regular” makeup.
  9. Flying remote controlled helicopters. It looks so effortless when watching seasoned flyers but in reality it’s like balancing a marble on an upturned bowl.
  10. Making lemonade. Sure squeezing one lemon is easy peasy, but do you know how much juice that makes? Not a lot.
  11. Writing a 250-word open-ended reflection where you’re expected to be creative. All I want as a grad student is some goddamn STRUCTURE and also a RUBRIC.
  12. I use a wheelchair and people usually don’t believe me when I say that getting around can be difficult, because many of them think that pushing a wheelchair is easy. (They literally tell me this.)
  13. Folding fitted sheets.
  14. Beekeeping. You see videos of these old dudes in their veils and beekeeping suits and it makes it seem so relaxing and easy. Turns out that bees aren’t so good at finding enough food on their own and they can get sick really easy and in the winter they can mold. Have you ever seen moldy bees? Sometimes they’re not even dead…
  15. Pretty much anything that a professional does. They make it look easy cause it’s their job. Throw a football 65 yards accurately? Psssh simple if you’re an elite athlete.
  16. Finding the person I always saw myself falling in love with.
  17. Maintaining friendships from high school/college after you graduate. People get so busy with work and starting their own families that friendships get put on the back burner. You stop talking to someone for a few months, then it suddenly hits you that you’re no longer friends with the person.
  18. Actually doing things. In theory it’s simple. Just do the thing. In reality I procrastinate until I hate myself.
  19. Finding a career you’ll want to go to every day that won’t crush your soul. Remember when you were young and teachers told you that you could be whatever you wanted to be… yeah, not so realistic when you want to pay bills and maybe have a little beer money too. I didn’t go to college and struggle with the thought of not being able to have a lateral career move without a degree, but then I see my friends absolutely floundering with their student loan payments and think maybe I don’t have it so bad after all.
  20. Losing weight. Changing habits is HARD!
  21. Being in your 20’s. As a clueless kid I thought by now I’d have everything figured out and my life on track. I’m still clueless but now I also have depression.
  22. Committing suicide. Looks easy, but when the time comes, it can be very hard to commit to it, then you spiral furthur down the rabbit hole thinking you’re so shit you can’t even kill yourself.
  23. Being an adult. They never had to do homework, could stay up late, eat what they wanted and had the money. I wish I was a naive kid again.
  24. Getting away with murder.
  25. Losing my virginity.
  26. Golf. I feel like most people think they can just grip it n rip it and don’t take into account how hard it is to have a consistently good swing with solid contact.
  27. Hanging out with friends during that “I’m not at school but I’m still dependent on my family period” where you have spare time but have no way of getting anywhere.
  28. Math, I swear to god pieces of my soul became trapped in math work and perished when I burned them.
  29. Killing enderman for ender pearls.
  30. Socializing with people. I have severe social anxiety, and even small interactions with strangers, and even some people I’ve known for a while are really hard for me. I don’t hate people or dislike being around them, but I’m just awful at keeping conversations going or initiating them. Outgoing people make it look very easy, for me it is not.
  31. Easy as pie. Pie is the most difficult thing I’ve EVER done/made.
  32. Any time I come up with a coding idea for how to transform dataset X into pretty visualization Y. Oh that will be easy I’ll just put this into an array, do this then do that and we’ll be good to go. 6 hours later and I’m still dumping the raw objects to figure out what’s going wrong.
  33. Playing an instrument. Have played most percussion instruments, trumpet, some baritone, and was 1st chair tuba/sousaphone for 4 years and difficulty varies based on instrument and physical attributes.
  34. Selling panties online. I’ve seen a couple posts about how someone could exploit desperate dudes on Craigslist by buying women’s panties, spritzing them with perfume, and then selling them online. Were it so easy!
  35. Programming. It’s like lego sets. Anyone can follow the instructions and make the millennium falcon. But it’s a whole different ballgame when you’re given a pile of assorted blocks and someone says “Okay, now… recreate the Taj Mahal. But the client wants it to look like Big Ben. It also needs to be able to interlock with the Sphinx, the Great Wall, the Eiffel Tower, and the Maojang Temple to create a super monument. Yes I know the Maojang Temple hasn’t been designed yet, just make some good guesses. We can add parts to it once we know what we need.”
  36. Rainbow Road on Mario Kart. I still don’t think I’ve ever come 1st, ugh.
  37. Writing a long story. I’m about to finish wrapping up my first ever seriously long form piece of writing. It’s going to about 160K all told. You may think to yourself, ‘That’s not too long, I can read a book that length in an afternoon.”, or ‘I can knock that out in a month or two, just writing a couple thousand words a day.’, or ‘You just tell a story and it all leaps out fully formed.’ And you’d be wrong.


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