If you need to stay up for a long time with heels, there some ways to stay longer without pain and more comfortable.

High heels are undoubtedly the ideal choice for stylish and formal outfits.

But over time, when we need to stay longer than usual, it gets harder and harder to wear them.


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How to wear high heels for longer times?

Heel shoes make your neck, and legs look longer and more shaped.

This combination can enhance your self-confidence and make you look more elegant when you go out at night.

If worn too often or too long, they can cause problems with posture.


How do you wear high heels for hours? Here are a few tips

Keep your heels in the freezer

We have offered two options for this application. The fastest option is to put your high heels in a plastic bag and store them in the fridge.

However, if you have extra time, place two bags of water in the shoes and leave it in the fridge until it turns into ice.

This makes the shoes a little broader and more comfortable when you’re wearing them.

It will also come soft on your feet, and it will be less abrasive.


Add pad to heels

You can place the pads on the heels of your shoes and the thumb and can help alleviate foot pain.

It will be useful to keep a pair of pads in your bag if you need them.


Tape two fingers together

According to a rumor, if you close the third and fourth fingers of your feet together, you can wear high heels a whole day without any problems.

The possible explanation underlying this is that it combines these fingers to reduce the pressure in that area of your foot.


Use talc powder

Sprinkle talcum powder into your feet and shoes can be very useful. This will help prevent the foot sweat and moisture that causes discomfort in the shoes.

The most common result of foot sweat and moisture is the water collection of feet.

Regular moisturizing strengthens the skin. Keep in mind that water bubbles and calluses are more easily formed on dry skin.


Sanding the sole of the shoe

When you are new to high heels, you should be very careful when walking.

This is because the sole of the new shoes is very slippery because it can cause you to fall and get injured.

There are several options to avoid this. One of them is to sanding the base to make it rough.

Another alternative is to throw thin cuts using a knife or scissors to the bottom.


Next time when you’re going outside with high heels, follow one of these tips to get a better comfort on longer staying hours on heels.