Themed Dancing Video – “The Wizard of Oz” by ThePac Walden Grove

The Wizard Of Oz - Themed Dancing Video

ThePac Walden Grove kids are performing “The Wizard of Oz” themed dancing! If you like to dance, don’t past this video!


“The Wizard of Oz” Themed Dancing Video

Very talented ThePac Walden Grove dancing kids show up at the Walden Grove High School, and they know how to impact the fans.

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“Wizard of Oz” Homecoming Assembly

The PAC dance team at homecoming Assembly-Wizard of Oz theme Walden Grove High School, Sahuarita Arizona

Their very own impressive “Wizard Of Oz” inspired dance presentation video is getting shared by millions of people young and old almost all over the world wide web.

These kinds from Arizona High School possess a lot of significant dance skills.

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The dancing kids have taken many months with practice to move such great effort effortlessly.

Right from start to closing, this kind of overall performance placed my personal 100 % interest.

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It’s generally a pleasure to look at the more youthful era time that places a tremendous fresh twist on an enormous aged hit.

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The kids are performing an Inspiring and enjoyable dancing video.

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