Themed Printable Movie TV Poster Paintings Van Gogh: If you are a true fan of Van Gogh Paintings, you need to check out these amazing pictures of him!

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If you a lover or liker of Van Gogh style paintings, Sagittarius Gallery on Amazon creates and sells Movie and TV styled paintings as poster printings.

Take a near look at those famous Pop culture-themed Van Gogh paintings.


Printable Paintings From Van Gogh

Calvin and Hobbes
Coyote and Road Runner Art
Doctor Who
Fight Club
Harry Potter
Last Unicorn
Lord of the Rings
Star Trek

You can find these paintings for printing here.


Credit: Art By Aja / Sagittarius Gallery / Amazon


Who is Vincent van Gogh?

Vincent van Gogh
Vincent van Gogh – “Self Portrait 1887” by Thomas Henneman is licensed under CC PDM 1.0 

The famous painter Vincent van Gogh was born on 30 March 1853 in the Dutch town of Groot-Zundert. He was the son of the priest Theodorus van Gogh and the mother Anna Cornelia.

Van Gogh was getting named after his older brother, who had been born a year earlier in a non-viable condition and who was to be named Vincent after his grandfather.

After van Gogh tried out various professions, including salesman, teacher, and assistant preacher, he only began to paint seriously in 1880.

After traveling for a few years in Brussels and The Hague, among other places, he set up his studio with his parents in Neunen in 1884 to devote himself to painting.

At this time, he had several bitter experiences that would influence his mind throughout his life. His relationship with Margot Bergemann, a woman from the neighborhood, is ended after she tries to commit suicide. Shortly afterward, Vincent’s father dies unexpectedly.

In 1885 Vincent van Gogh goes to Belgium to study art. Here he was strongly influenced by the French painters Cézanne, Signac, Seurat, and Gaugin.

After further studies in Paris, he met Pablo Picasso and Paul Gauguin a few years later. Van Gogh has experimented with different painting styles in his lifetime.


You can find various paintings for printing in a themed style here.


FAQ Van Gogh

Why did Van Gogh cut off his ear?

It was a spectacular act of self-destruction on 23 December 1888. The Dutch painter, Vincent van Gogh, has cut off parts of his left ear. He believes the engagement of van Gogh's brother Theo could have been the reason for the self-mutilation.

When was Van Gogh born and when did he die?

He lived 37 years long. Born in 1853 and died in 1890.

What kind of illness did Vincent Van Gogh have?

Vincent van Gogh's illness is the subject of much speculation. Explanations as diverse as acute intermittent porphyria, epilepsy, and schizophrenia have been getting suggested.

Which painting did Vincent Van Gogh sell?

During his life, Vincent van Gogh 1853-1890 sold only one painting to his brother. Red Vineyards in Arles for 400 francs.



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