Are you a fan or an owner of a Dog? Let’s examine the Most Dangerous Dog Breeds in the World with there pictures.

Some dogs are funny, and some of them aggressive, but how do they become dangerous at all? 

It is important to remember that training is an essential factor that makes dogs dangerous and aggressive.

Here we have compiled the 10 of the Most Dangerous Dog Breeds of the World.


The List Of 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds



Image by anabeljourney from Pixabay

The breed of Rottweiler, a German race, is the traditional name of Rottweiler Metzgerhund, the town of Rottweiler.

As a shepherd dog, he has gained the respect of the world because he can deal with many wild animals from Wolves to Bears.

There are statues almost everywhere in the city of Rottweil in Germany.



Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher
Image by patstatic from Pixabay

The Doberman Pinscher breed was first developed by a German officer Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann in 1890.

This breed of dog, used to scare people when looking at tax collection, has become one of the world’s most nutritious dog species, known all over the world over time.

Because of its robust structure and the character available to be trained, the Dobermans preferred by the police have become the police dog.



Siberian Wolf (Husky)

Siberian Wolf Husky
Image by pixel2013 from Pixabay

One of the most popular domesticated dog breeds known as the Siberian Wolf or Husky.

These dogs are very handsome animals because of their steel blue eyes and fine face structure.

Husky dogs, although they appear to be calm, are a species of hunters who are prone to freedom because of the Wolf structure found in their genes.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been seeing Husky-type dogs as a potentially endangered species since 1979.



German Shepherd

German Shepherd
Image by skeeze from Pixabay

The German shepherd dog is a very known favorite pet species in the world.

One of the most critical features of separation from other species is that they are obedient.

For this reason, when they are well trained, they may amaze the person what they can do.

One of the most common dog breeds trained and used by the police and health care organizations is the German Sheperd Wolf.


Presa Canario

Presa Canario
Image Credit: Wikipedia

This breed of dog, known as the Perro de Presa Canario, is based on The Canary Islands.

Anthropologist Dr. Carl Semencic discovered and spread to the world.

These dogs, which are very cute when they are puppies, can grow up to 64 cm in length and 54 kg in weight.

They are challenging to control because of their long legs, muscular body, and strong jaw structure.

His aggressive character and keen intuition are one of the most significant factors that make him kind of the most dangerous dog breeds in the world.

The Presas, an excellent protection dog, can be as deadly as a wild predator if they are aggressive.



Great Dane

Great Dane
Image by Martin Tajmr from Pixabay

The Great Danes, also known as the Danish Hound, weigh up to 90 kilos and they can grow up to 112 centimeters in length.

Since the ancient Greeks had a picture on their coins, they were named Apollon of the dogs.

Despite this information, their origins are European.

Because of its strong skeletal structure and obedient character, it has been used as a guard by the Germanic tribes and has the power to kill even a wild hog if it is aggressive.

It’s been used for centuries as one of the indispensable dogs of European hunting parties.



Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentino
Image by joseltr from Pixabay

In 1920, the Argentinean Dr. Dogo Argentino was the first who discovered and spread this dog to the world.

Antonio Nores Martínez developed it as a hunting dog based on a Cordoba Fight Dog.

The dog has a durable and long body structure, with strong jaws, which distinguishes itself from other breeds.

This breed is strong enough to cope with many wild animals from wild pigs to bears. It’s banned from breeding and selling in many European Union countries since 1991.



Cane Corso

Cane Corso
Image by Ulrike Leone from Pixabay

Italiano Cane Corso, as its name suggests, is a dog breed of Italian origin from the Molosser family.

The Cane Corso, which gets classified as medium size, stands out immediately with its aesthetic and muscular body structure.

Cane Corso, a loyal breed, is an ideal dog as a pet if trained correctly from a small age.

However, although tame, they do not like foreigners very much.

If dogs of this breed, which have been used as guard dogs for centuries due to their loyalty, are aggressively attackers when the danger shows up.



Pit Bull

Pit Bull
Image by Lilla Kalocsai from Pixabay

The American Pit Bull Terrier is a popular dog breed in the world.

Indeed, with their athletic bodies, short legs, and strong jaws at first glance, many owners have repeatedly emphasized that this species is a very loyal and obedient animal.

The Pit Bulls, who have been deliberately aggressively to sell them as dogfights or guard dogs, seem unable to get rid of their current aggressive bad reputation so quickly.




Image by Meli1670 from Pixabay

Boxer-type dogs go back to Germany in the 1850s. The boxers are great Field Dogs.

These dogs, mostly used by European riches for use in hunting parties. They are famous for their ability to take long walks as well.



As we mentioned before, the growth and training factor makes these dogs either dangerous or aggressive. Its all about how you train your dog’s behaviors.