A Melbourne located skin image tattoo designer named Tukoi Oya takes advantage of coloured ultraviolet tattoos ink to spotlight certain fields of her amazing illustrative UV tatto designs.

The orginal UV tattoos called also as aka black light tattoos are produced with the inks which usually shine below an ultraviolet light.

Under regular day or night lighting circumstances is Tukoi’s sensitive black inked markings just a regular tatto design.

Her impressive ultraviolet tatto ink takes effect in an amazing style under exposed UV light and lets the UV tattoo inked body parts shine like magic work.

Take a look of her impressive Ultraviolet Tattoos work on the taken pictures.

Ultraviolet Tattoos Pictures

Secret Ultraviolet Tattoos Comes To Life Under Black Light
Images Credit: _____tukoi_____ / Instagram

Source: Tukoi / Instagram

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Is black light tattoo ink safe?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved any type of tattoo ink for injection into the skin.

This includes the ultraviolet (UVink that creates that cool, otherworldly, glow when viewed under a black light.

Tattoo inks are approved for use in (non-human) animals. READ FULL POST HERE…

Do UV tattoos fade?

Looks cool! There are UV tattoo inks that are visible under normal light but glow under black light as well.

It doesn’t hold up as solid as a normal colored tattoo ink would though.

And like we have discussed in our Tattoos & Aging article, tattoos fade overtime due to aging READ FULL POST HERE…

Is there a glow in the dark ink for tattoos?

Word on the street is that there are new UV or black light tattoo inks out there that do not

contain phosphorous and are FDA approved.

However, many reputabletattoo artists won’t use any inks associated with black light tattoos or

even glow in the dark tattoos because of the liability involved.READ FULL POST HERE…

Do white ink tattoos glow under black light?

The ink isn’t visible without UV light, but the scarring is.

Similar to the problem withwhite ink tattoosblacklight and UV ink tattoos will be

visible, but won’t look like atattoo.

With a regular tattoo there is some slight scarring, but it isn’t very visible because the ink is

opaque and camouflages the scars.READ FULL POST HERE…

Is UV ink safe?

The misconception that it has been FDA-approved stems from the fact that the FDA has approved the

use of UV ink for certain food-related purposes, like marking fish.

However, the FDA has yet to deem any ink acceptable for use in tattooing humans.

That doesn’t mean that UV and other tattoo inks aren’t safe,


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UV tattoos can be used in different ways – some could get an entire tattoo that’s only visible when

underneath the ultraviolet bulb, others could use the UV ink to highlight parts of a traditional

ink tattoo they already have. If you’re suddenly intrigued or curious (like me), please proceed to

the cool tattoos below.READ FULL POST HERE…