This woman from Gallatin, Tennessee, is more than a little upset.

With a 90-centimeter wrench, she demolishes her husband’s Corvette.


She hits from all sides the sports car with the wrench.

According to reports, her husband’s infidelity is supposed to be the reason for the angry Outburst.


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A neighbor films the dramatic scene from a safe distance.

It indicates that the police were not called in spite of the fierce Dispute.

“I was outside doing yard work when I hear the neighbor across the street yell some cuss words. She walked into the garage and pulled out the 3-foot wrench and started beating the car. The was in the garage at about 35 sec and you hear him say ‘honey stop’. the baby crying is from another neighbor and has nothing to do with what is going on. After she got finished with the car, they both went in. About 15 min later he comes out picks up pieces and throws them in the trash. He pulls the Corvette into the garage and gets in another truck and leaves. She stayed a few more hours before she left with what looked like her mom. no cops were ever called and nobody has been home since this happened.”

Apparently, in this small house settlement: A blow to the Corvette says more than a thousand words!

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Source: ViralHog/YouTube


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