Razer Raiju Gaming Controller for PS4 – Fully-Programmable Next-Gen Premium

Razer Raiju Gaming Controller Next-Gen Premium Controller for PS4

Razer Raiju Gaming Controller is the Next-Gen Premium Controller for PS4 and has many new features for gaming fans.

This gaming console will change the gameplay habits by four additional fully-programmable buttons, quick control panel, the weight and shape of the controller.

This Razer Raiju Gaming Controller is made of durable materials and tested by esports athletes.

Get the best gaming experience with this unique Razer Raiju Gaming Controller for PS4.

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Razer Raiju - Fully-Programmable Next-Gen Premium Gaming Controller for PS4
Razer Raiju – Fully-Programmable Next-Gen Premium Gaming Controller for PS4



  • Four additional fully-programmable buttons
  • Ergonomic shape and weight favored by top esports athletes
  • Quick Control Panel for easy profile and audio customization
  • Reinforced materials for unrivaled reliability
  • Adjustable triggers for more speed on-demand
  • 3.5 mm combined port for stereo audio and microphone
  • 2 shoulder Hyperesponse Multi-Function Bumpers
  • 2 removable Hyperesponse Multi-Function Triggers
  • 4 Hyperesponse mechanical action buttons
  • 4 button Quick Control Panel
  • Optional trigger stops for rapid-fire
  • Optional hair-trigger mode for a precise actuation
  • 3.5 mm audio port for stereo audio output and microphone input

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FAQ Razer Raiju Gaming Controller

Can you use it and play games with pc?

Download the software (driver) on Razer's official website over your PC's browser. After the installation, you can you this gaming console with any issues with your computer.

Is it wired or Bluetooth?

Its a wired model. The Razer Raiju Tournament Edition is compatible with Bluetooth connection.

Can you use it with Galaxy Note 8?

Yes, it's compatible.

Can you play with this controller pubg mobile?

Yes, you can. Besides, it's compatible with many smartphone games.

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