The PS5 controller is becoming a permanent topic among console fans thanks to the DualSense design on the internet. Meanwhile, many users jokingly make fun of the new, two-tone design. We show you the best memes about the PS5 controller.

Sony is stirring up publicity for their PlayStation 5 console, and although the Japanese giant still hasn’t shown us the system itself, he gave us news about the new controller, the DualSense. The successor to DualShock 4, is said to be a testament to the evolution of the industry and a new approach to console gaming. Of course, the internet reacted quickly to this revelation and also produced some memes.

The Best PS5 Controller Memes

This controller moves further away from the original PS controller design than the Dualshock 4 and is more oriented towards the Xbox controller. Accordingly, Sony has not named the controller Dualshock 5, but Dualsense. As expected, the fans’ opinions about the controller turn out bright and creative.

While the Playstation community is mostly getting agreed that the case of the controller makes a good impression, many fans criticize the color choice. The combination of white and black with blue stripes in the middle encourages various Twitter users to write creative memes.

Below you’ll find a list of new memes of PS5 controller:


Source: Twitter