Pix Backpack with Programmable LED Screen For Fun and Co.

A Smart Backpack With A Digital Pixel Screen On The Back.

Get your own Smart Pix Backpack with Programmable LED Screen. Express Your Self Anytime and Anywhere By Customizing The Backpack Screen Pixels.

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Smart Backpack With Led Screen

Share your emotions and feelings anytime and anywhere you want. Change the Backpack LED screen how often you want!


A man wearing a Backpack with Digital LED Pixel Screen on the back.
Express Yourself Share Anything You Want At Any Moment Stay Unique With Pix Backpack


Design Your LED Backpack Screen With Your Smartphone and Devices

Customize your design on the go. It’s a smart backpack with an LED screen on the backside of it. Man, Women, Child, Girl or Boy, anybody can wear this Backpack with LED screen lights.


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A man is programming the LED screen on a backpack with a smart device on his hands.
Design On The Go Change Your Pix Backpack Look In A Few Taps On Your Smartphone Create Your Own Art and Share it



Pix Backpack Is In Four Colors Available

The Pix Backpack comes in four different colors. Yellow, Cyan, Grey, and Black. All different colored backpacks have their own LED screens on the backside and can be easily programmable with a smart device.


A LED backpack in yellow color
Pix Backpack With Yellow Color


A LED backpack in grey color
Pix Backpack With Grey Color


A LED backpack in cyan color
Pix Backpack With Cyan Color




A LED backpack in black color
Pix Backpack With Black Color


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Smart Digital LED Screen On A Backpack With A Screen Resolution Of 16x20px

Backpack size of 16.5″ to 12.2″ allows you to create a pixelated screen with a maximum 16. 5 million color variations. Create your own pixilated screen on the backside of your smart digital backpack.

Size of Pix Backpack
Pix Backpack Size



Digital Pixilated Backpack Screen With Pockets For Your Gadgets

Place your loved gadgets into the pockets of the smart LED Screened Backpack. Carry your stuff safely with a styled pixilated LED screen on it.

Putting a laptop into a backpack
Pix Backpack with Back Pockets for your gadgets and stuff


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Time Counter and Games On The Backpack LED Screen

Setup your time counter on the screen of your backpack and start to run. Play your favorite 8 Bit Games or let it roll different pixelated animation screens.

A backpack used as counter timer for a running man.
Pix Backpack Games Widgets Inside Play Old-School 8 bit games on your Backpack


A Backpack With A Front LED Screen

Design and control the LED screen of your backpack with smartphones. Whatever you want can be a digital screen picture of the front side of your backpack.

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A Yellow backpack with a digital star pixel screen on the backside of a bag.
Backpack with Programmable Front LED Screen


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