Wanna order the World’s Biggest Pizza?

To get the largest deliverable pizza in the world, you’ll need to be in LA, California and contact the extraordinary Big Mama’s Pizza.

You can get a big 54 in. x 54 in. sliced pizza that can feed the hunger up to 50-70 guests in one big cut.

World’s Biggest Pizza will cost you a $249.99 with additional toppings at $19.99 each and extra cheese at $34.99, this big pizza ain’t cheap but its definitely worth trying!

If you wanna order a World’s Biggest Pizza from big mama’s, you have to tell them the order before 24-hour.

World’s Largest Deliverable Pizza

You can find the biggest deliverable pizza at a shop in LA.

Links: Big Mama’s Pizza

Source: Insider / Youtube –  twistedsifter.com