What are the nutrients that improve Sperm quality? Nutrition with the right foods is of great importance for reproductive health as well as for body health.

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List Of Nutrients That Improve Sperm Quality

So, what are the foods that can be getting consumed to improve sperm quality and vitality? What should be getting done to enhance the quality of sperm? Here are the nutrients that will increase the quality of sperm:


Sunflower and pumpkin seeds

Elements such as zinc and selenium are rich in antioxidant-effective substances and L-arginine. Sperm movement and the number of increasing effect shows. Zinc and selenium are also getting found in seafood, milk, almonds, and walnuts.



Carob contains vitamins and zinc that increase the activity of enzymes that allow the interaction of sperm eggs. Zinc is one of the essential antioxidant substances.


Nuts and peanuts

Folic acid plays a vital role in the formation of the nervous system. It is also crucial in males to mature the genetic material of sperm. Folic acid is common in lentils, almonds, nuts, peanuts, and legumes.



A rare enzyme in the Banana regulates sex hormones. It also supports the production of sperm from the body because it contains vitamin B1, A, and C.

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This small green vegetable contains a lot of vitamin C. Vitamin C prevents the oxidation of sperms and protects the cells in the testicles. And since vitamin C prevents free radicals, your body can focus on sperm production instead of dealing with diseases.


Citrus fruits

Vitamins usually affect the genetic material of sperm. Vitamin C, commonly found in citrus fruits, contributes to the development of genetic material as well as reducing oxidative stress.


Red meat

Red meat with abundant zinc increases the durability of sperms.


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Garlic accelerates blood flow. The substance Allicin stimulates the blood flow to the genitals and improves sperm quality.


Bitter chocolate

It is getting known that Bitter chocolate contains an amino acid that doubles the sperm count by two. Men who eat a small amount of black chocolate regularly are also getting suggested to have a stronger orgasm every day.


Tomatoes and potatoes

Vitamin E increases the rate of penetration of the egg in addition to increasing the speed of the sperm while preserving the oxidative stress. Vitamin E is widely available in tomato, hazelnut, potato, and fish oil.



The substance of the arginine in the walnut supports sperm production and also increases the volume of semen. The Omega-3 tank also accelerates blood flow to the penis.



It is getting known that oysters have an aphrodisiac effect. The zinc fulled oysters also increase the number of sperm in this marine creature. It is also getting known that oysters are treating the damage in the sperm while increasing spermicidal production.



Avocado, which contains abundant folic acid with vitamin E and B6, ensures that sperms are healthier when penetrating the egg.



Ginseng is known to support libido, sexual performance, and blood flow to the testicles. In research conducted with 45 men with erectile dysfunction problems, it was getting observed that in 60 percent of males, the issue of erectile dysfunction was getting decreased as a result of nutrition involving ginseng for 16 weeks.



Always ask your doctor what will be the best nutrition plan for your self and family.


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