No Game No Life season 2: When is the second season? News & Rumors

No Game No Life Season 2

When will No Game No Life season 2 happen? News and rumors are taking place on the internet. Is there a confirmed release date for a come out?

Many fans are searching through the internet for “no game no life season 2 release date 2019” on Netflix, Reddit, or to watch online with sub indo as well. Let’s take a more in-depth look at what is happening with NGNL season 2.

Fans of the Anime series No Game No Life waiting for a second season episode 1 because the end of the first is not completion, and a second season was quickly in the conversation in 2018 to 2019.

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Unfortunately, there is no tangible News, Trailer, or a Release Date; however, a lot of rumors about an NGNL continuation – we have summarized the current knowledge status times.

“No Game No Life” based on a Japanese Light Novel series and written by Yu Kamiya. The Light Novel was not only implemented as Anime but also as Manga. Madhouse created the animated series under the direction of Atsuko Ishizuka and its broadcast for the first time in 2014.

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The series includes 12 episodes and is an adaptation of the first three volumes of the novel series, the DVD & Blu-ray is meanwhile also in Amazon Store. However, this is not necessarily a cheaper fun.

It would, of course, that the excellent series might soon create Netflix, which gradually expands their Anime offering. But thanks to Clipfish, you have the opportunity to watch all the episodes of No Game No Life in the free Stream.

However, experience has shown that you should not wait too long otherwise;, the series is gone again.



No Game No Life season 2: When is the second season?

We are still waiting for an official confirmation from Madhouse for the second SeasonNo Game No Life.

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Madhouse is known anyway, not to all series to approve an extension. Therefore, the worry every day larger, that even no Game No Life despite Cliffhanger at the end receives no more episodes.



The difficulty likely is that there were plagiarism accusations regarding the drawings on social platforms. Like on Twitter and Facebook, which are to be getting examined first before it comes to a second season.

However, there are no official opinions or final assessments on whether artistic work is stolen or borrowed. A collection of comparison images can found at

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In December 2015, it was getting published on a Brazilian Website (home of the Light Novel Creator), the release of a second season; however, this message has not been officially getting confirmed.

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It would be a great shame and loss if this series, which has rightly come to so much acclaim from Fans, would not get any further extension.

Accordingly, there is already a Petition of Fans on, which is aimed at Madhouse and demands another Season.


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