A Chinese mother sold twins to a couple for some money to get a better life. Father states to use this money to pay his debt.

Children’s happiness is priceless, they say. For a Chinese mother, however, this is not the case.

She sold her couple of weeks old twin babies to two couples and collected for them the equivalent of 8277 Euro.

With the immoral profit, she repaid her debts and gave herself a new Smartphone. By Chance, the Chinese police came to the snail.

Officials discovered in another case eventually uncovered the illegal sale of the twins, which was already on the scene a year ago in the city of Cixi in the province of Zhejiang.

Father appeared after the mother sold twins and demanded a share.

The mother was deeply in debt and knew no other way than to sell her children. The father of the Twins disappeared just before birth.

But reappeared after the baby’s sale and demanded his share of profit, so that he can settle his debts.

Rescuers were finally able to find the two boys and handed over the Duo to the grandparents.

The mother and the buyers are now getting threatened up to ten years in prison.


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