Mojito Recipe Simple: Mint Refreshment With Cuban Cocktail

How to make a fresh and easy Mojito cocktail recipe at home? / Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

If you are searching for a simple Mojito recipe, we have prepared the ingredients, trick, and service recommendations for this cocktail.

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About Mojito

Mojito, which is getting considered to be Cuba’s national drink, is a refreshing cocktail made with rum, lime, mint, white powder sugar, and soda.

Mojito cocktail is getting considered to be one of the classic cocktails made in almost every bar known worldwide.

The discovery of cocktails dates back to the 1500s. During an expedition to the continent, British sailor Francis Drake was getting said to have smoked in Cuba, and the drink, which was considered the first state of Mojito, was called “El Draque.”

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The “El Draque,” which was getting considered as the ancestor of mojito cocktails, was made of Aguardiente drink, sugar, mint, and lime, which was used instead of rum.

The name and description of Mojito today dates back to the 1800s.

Mojito’s name, according to a myth, is from the word Mojo, which means “Spanish wet,” another chance comes from a citrus-based sauce called Mojo, used in Cuba.

The popularity of the Mojito cocktail was mainly in the 1900 ′s when the famous author Ernest Hemingway drank his drink at the famous “Bodeguita El Madio” bar in Havana.

Based on its history 600 years ago, the mojito cocktail has been well-known in the world since the beginning of 2000.


Simple Mojito Recipe

The alcoholic Cuban cocktail mojito is a favorite and refreshing summer drink that can be easily getting made. You can refresh your summer days with this delicious cocktail guaranteed in coolness. Moreover, it’s effortless. You get lots of freshness with this mojito recipe simple.


Ingredients For Mojito Recipe Simple

  • Ten mint leaves of mint
  • 5 cl.rum
  • Two tablespoons brown sugar
  • 1/2 piece lime
  • 1/2 cup sparkling water
  • 1/2 cup cracked ice


The Trick Of Mojito Recipe Simple

Mint leaves, brown sugar, and lime slices should be crushed thoroughly with the help of a wooden knob.


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How To Make a Mojito Recipe?

  • Slice the green lemon into the glass ring.
  • Pour the mint leaves into a serving glass.
  • Add the green lemon slices and brown sugar.
  • Mix mint, lemon slices, and crushed sugar together.
  • Do this with a wooden spoon because the iron spoon will break the acidity rate.
  • Fill half the glass with cracked ice.
  • Garnish with a fork, and serve.


How To Serve The Simple Mojito Recipe

Serve the mouth with mint leaves and lime slices in the tall thin glasses covered with brown sugar.


FAQ Mojito

What kind of rum for a mojito?

Barcelo Blanco Rum is one of the most famous rum varieties from the Dominican Republic. The bright, white rum with a very mild taste is perfect as an ingredient for cocktails or long drinks, and of course, also for a traditional mojito Pampero Blanco 0.7 liters 37.5 % vol.

What is the alcohol percentage of a mojito?

20%vol, for caipirinha approx. 30%vol. To get a better idea of the amount of alcohol, a comparison with a standard spirit like rum, whiskey, cognac, vodka: With an alcohol content of 38-40%vol.

What kind of mint goes in a mojito?

The Mojito Mint Nemorosa is often called Hemingway Mint. It is well suited for the famous mojito that Ernest Hemingway loved to drink in Havana.

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Besides, you can add your self favorite mixes as well to craft the aroma more strong as your desire by preparing the simple Mojito recipe.


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