Massive Foot-Long Chocolate Eclair: Do you like to eat Chocolate Eclair? It will be your famous one!

Abundant food has gone crazy this year, and this trend will not move down quickly.

Because of Christmas, a lot more supermarkets are bringing out significant variations of their public goods that will be just ideal for the joyful time of year.


Stop thinking about the classic Christmas pudding, the only delicacy all of us need to look at on our tables this Christmas is foot-long chocolate eclair from ASDA.

Foot-Long Chocolate Eclair
Foot-Long Chocolate Eclair / Image Credit: ASDA

The foot-long (12 inches) eclair is the exact size as three standard-sized eclairs and doubles as large. The considerable chocolate eclair is going to costs only $6.67 (£5) to buy.

Crafted from fresh choux pastry, filled with cream and special Belgian chocolate mousse, topped the eclair with delicious chocolate fondant and a delicious caramel sauce.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get one of these eclairs just yet, because it isn’t available for purchase in Asda stores until Thursday 14 December.

Macaron Cake / Image Credit ASDA

If the special chocolate eclair doesn’t catch your attention, Asda will be bringing out a new super-sized Christmas dessert the fact that you cannot say nope.

Asda’s Special premium Raspberry and White Chocolate Macaron Cake is a big Marie Antoinette inspired dessert that is a French favorite.

Just a bit higher priced at $10.69 (£8), the frozen pink gateau is filled full with a white chocolate mousse, raspberries and is topped with a soft dropping of pistachios to make it that a little bit more delicious.

Raspberry and White Chocolate Macaron Cake
Raspberry and White Chocolate Macaron Cake / Image Credit: ASDA

Claire Reed, the product development manager for chilled bakery, said:

“Straight from the streets of Paris to Asda shelves, traditional French favorites can now be enjoyed by the whole family this Christmas.

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