What will happen if you put an ice cube on it while burgers are grilling?

Do you want a lump of burger meat you cook in barbecue to taste juicy and better?


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If yes, you can create wonders in the barbecue by following the simple ice cube on the burger when grilling!

With the ice cube trick, the meat food that you will cook in the barbecue will be delicious.

First, rub the grill nicely with the onion attached to a fork.

Benefit from the disinfecting feature of the onion and also your barbecue gets cleaned as well.

Additionally, the barbecue gets enriched with a different aroma.

It also prevents the meat from sticking to the grill as well.

Put ice on the barbecue burgers. It will ensure the juicy and tasty cooking of hamburgers.


Cookist also has prepared a video about the ice cube on the burger when grilling.

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