4 Easy Steps On “How to wash a wetsuit?” The Best Way!

If you follow several simple tips, the wetsuit will give you pleasure for a long time. Especially for hygienic reasons, correct and straightforward wetsuit care is useful. If you clean your wetsuit the wrong way, it becomes an ideal nesting place for bacteria. Therefore here are a few professional tips!

How to wash a wetsuit? – Even if a wetsuit is getting intended to be in the water often, it is still far from being washed. For hygienic reasons, you should wash it from time to time.

Since neoprene is a material that punishes wrong care quickly, we explain in a few easy steps how to wash a wetsuit (neoprene suit) the right way!

“How to wash a wetsuit”? in quick explained:

  • The wetsuit should not be getting washed in the washing machine.
  • Rinse in freshwater after each use. Or at least as often as possible.
  • Dry in the shade and upside down.
  • After the surf trip, soak thoroughly with neoprene care product, rinse and 
  • Store properly.
  • Dark and hanging on a durable gear hanger.


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How to wash a wetsuit (neoprene suit)?

How to wash a wetsuit (neoprene suit)
How to wash a wetsuit (neoprene suit)? / Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Why should you wash a wetsuit?Like other clothing, a wetsuit lies directly on the skin. You should wash your wetsuit for hygienic reasons alone. However, cleaning also serves the purpose of care: salt or chlorine water will attack the material over time.

Cleaning the wetsuit – you should keep this in mind.

If you follow a few rules when washing your wetsuit, you will enjoy it for a long time. Here are the wetsuit cleaning tips:

  1. A wetsuit can also be getting put in the washing machine. However, the washing temperature should not be higher than 30 degrees.
  2. Apply a mild liquid detergent or a specific neoprene shampoo for cleaning. Detergents can quickly get stuck in neoprene. To remove all residues, run the program a second time without adding detergent.
  3. Choose a gentle wash cycle. The wool program of your washing machine is best suited.
  4. Spin-drying in the washing machine is an absolute no-go for neoprene.


Rinse the wetsuit with water every evening

Rinse the wetsuit with water every evening
How to wash a wetsuit? – Rinse the wetsuit with water every evening. / Image by Pexels from Pixabay

It would help if you got into the habit of thoroughly rinsing your wetsuit with clean water at the close of each day you spend doing water sports. Sunscreen, sweat, and sand damage the fabric and are not very hygienic.

But you can take your suit with you in the shower and rinse it with the hand shower. Fix it up to dry outside or in the shower – you can find out how to dry it correctly below.


Best way to dry the wetsuit after washing

Best way to dry the wetsuit after washing
How to wash a wetsuit? – Best way to dry the wetsuit after washing. / Image by skeeze from Pixabay

In addition to choosing the appropriate washing program, the correct drying of a wetsuit is essential. The dryer is taboo – this would only break the wetsuit. Dry it with these tips:

  • Do not hang a wetsuit on the line or clothesline. Neoprene suits take a very long time to dry properly. The clamps or the cords would damage the material.
  • Hang the suit on a hanger to let it dry. However, it should be one with broad shoulders. Plastic or wood are suitable – wire hangers should not be getting used.
  • Neoprene does not like the blazing sun. Choose a cool and shady place to hang up the suit.
  • It can take up several days until the suit is dry. If you hang it up too early and fold it up, it will quickly start to smell. Besides, mold stains can occur.
  • If you catch these rules, you will be able to rely on your wetsuit on your next surf trip or dive. 


Wetsuit care begins with wearing.

Take your time putting on your wetsuit. Powerful and jerky movements with force make a seam tear faster. Dry yourself thoroughly before putting on the wetsuit. The wetsuit is not comfortable to put on on wet skin.

Pay particular attention to the leg area. It is sensitive. The easiest way is to put on your wetsuit from bottom to top. Pull it evenly with your hand if it is not yet correctly fitted.


Can I take a hot shower in my wetsuit?

Hot water will ruin neoprene. So you’d better take off your wetsuit before getting into a hot shower and turn the water a little cooler when you clean it in the shower.


Why should you wash neoprene at all?

After a while, the wetsuit starts to stink. It is because bacteria feel very comfortable in it; it is the mixture of body fluids and bacteria that smell special.

The second reason is the mechanical damage to you and the Neo, which causes impurities. In the first place, these are salt and sand.

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The sand rubs in the back of your knees and on the ruff of your neck. Salt increases the effect. Besides, the saltwater keeps the Neo moist longer.

You should wash the wetsuit to get rid of the stench, to improve the life of the wetsuit, and to protect your skin.


Can you at least wash the Rashguard then?

Unlike the wetsuit, the Rashguard can be getting washed in the washing machine without any problems. As a rule, you should choose the cold wash or 30 degrees.



The wetsuit is the most important piece of sports equipment for American surfers. A right surfboard can be getting rented almost everywhere, but a fitting wetsuit is not easy to find.

If you have become fond of one, you better take care of it to keep you warm as long as possible. A wetsuit won’t last forever with proper care; after all, its working environment is saltwater and glaring sunshine.

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Most of the mistakes made when washing a wetsuit are relatively easy to avoid: Do not hang the wetsuit in the blazing sun or at least do not leave it hanging there.

Do not wash in the washing machine. Do not iron the wetsuit. Do not use bleach. Hang it folded at the hip.

The first damages can be repaired quite well with special neoprene glue and needle and thread.

The long life of the wetsuit is suitable for your wallet and pollutes the environment a little less than buying a new wetsuit every season.

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