6 Simple Steps Guide for “How to make frozen pizza better?”

Get here the tips and tricks on how to make a frozen pizza better!

How to make frozen pizza better? Prepare frozen pizza deliciously – Easy to refine and quick to prepare. Get here the tips to make your frozen pizza better!


Frozen Pizza is Simple and Quick to make!

An important argument for frozen pizza is, its easy to store and quick in preparation. 

The frozen pizza can be stored in the freezer for a relatively long time and undamaged, making it a classic emergency meal for hectic times. 

Besides, the preparation of such a frozen pizza takes no more than 15 minutes, and no further work is necessary.

Everybody knows it, you come home hungry, and the fridge has only one frozen pizza to offer.

Now, one can be creative and pimp it with all kinds of additional ingredients; but it does not change the fact that the dough is slightly sticky, and, as the pizza is getting baked, it somewhat resembles a crumbly cookie.


A video about how to dress up your pizza with topping.

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How to make frozen pizza better? 

how to make frozen pizza better
How to make frozen pizza better – This is how to do it!

How do you get frozen pizza loose, tasty and delicious?

It’s quite simple, and no one is not getting restricted in his creativity – no matter if he or she wants to use cheese, salami, ham, seafood, etc. in addition to the original topping.

The simple solution to get the frozen pizza fluffy is steam! Ordinary steam! 

Follow this simple guide to making frozen pizza better:

We made the frozen pizza better! The bottom is loose, nicely risen, not sticky, not crumbly, the tomato sauce suddenly tastes different – like a tomato; also, the salami tastes like salami, and the pepperoni does not feel like beer coasters either.

Simple but effective. Have fun trying it out and bon appétit.


The invention of the frozen pizza

More than 40 years ago, the triumphal march of frozen pizza began. Developed in America and then brought to Europe via Italy, frozen pizzas quickly became the best-selling ready-to-serve meal on the market. 

The chilled dough patties found an enormously wide distribution in the domestic refrigerated counters and became increasingly popular. 

Thanks to massive advertising campaigns and corresponding marketing measures, the frozen pizza became an enormous success for these companies almost overnight. 

Thus, the frozen pizza developed from a real niche product to a sales hit, which is still regularly served in various families. No wonder since the frozen pizza is easy to prepare and can be getting refined to suit any taste. 

Frozen pizzas are now getting offered in many different variations. Practically every taste can be getting served without any problems.


A video about how fresh pizza dough is getting made in the factory

Video Credit: Food Insider


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Industrial frozen pizza production according to defined standards

Frozen pizzas are now generally produced industrially and come off the production line in enormous quantities. All the work steps are carried out by machines. 

The dough pieces are portioned and rolled out and then spread with tomato sauce by a tool. Now, this pizza blank is first pre-baked before the other ingredients are getting covered on the pizza. 

It ensures that the pizza dough becomes crispy during the short preparation time in the oven and can be thoroughly getting cooked.

After the ingredients have been getting added, the frozen pizzas are shock-frozen and packed. There are also variants without a pre-baked base. 

They often have to remain in the oven for a long time or have to be defrosted before preparation. Some specific microwaves for pizzas are also perfect; It speeds up the baking even faster.


Frozen pizza is a quick meal in many variations.

The great advantage of frozen pizza is its wide range of variants. If you take a look around the refrigerated counters of the various grocery stores, you will soon realize that there is hardly a flavor that does not exist. 

Almost all pizzas, which are also getting offered in classic pizzerias, are available in the frozen version. 

Meanwhile, many manufacturers are also trying to take the health aspect into account and to convince customers of their products by offering particularly healthy combinations. 

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Whole grain doughs and a pizza topping with lots of vegetables should satisfy even the most demanding customers and boost sales.



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