How To Make Candles The Best Way In 6 Steps Quickly!

Candlelight always spreads a unique atmosphere - whether it is for a romantic dinner, a relaxing bath, or on the terrace on a balmy summer night. No one can escape the magic that emanates from a candle flame. Make people happy and give away homemade candles. It's not difficult at all - and here you will find everything you need to make candles

How to make candles? – Candles are especially popular in the dark season and even on the summer table.

Self-made candles are great for single table decoration and crown the warm summer evening on the terrace with an extra portion of life.

In the instructions below, we show how to make candles yourself with practical wax lenses from the craft shop. These melt quickly in a water bath and can be easily colored.

You can also melt down stored wax residues – that saves material. Then make sure that no impurities get into the new candles.

Now, lets us examine how to make candles the best way.


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How to make candles? – Making Homemade DIY Candles Yourself!

Making Homemade DIY Candles Yourself
How To Make Candles? – Making Homemade DIY Candles Yourself / Image by sonja_paetow from Pixabay

You need these materials

You can make your candles with only a few elements. Just use the following:

  • Candle remnants
  • Two cooking pots of different sizes, which fit into each other
  • Cardboard, sand or a vessel suitable for hot wax
  • Wick or cotton thread and toothpick/wood stick
  • For the sand version a brush or a hand brush


How to make candles?: DIY Homemade Candles Guide

DIY Homemade Candles Guide
How To Make Candles? – DIY Homemade Candles Guide / Image by Tanya Patxot from Pixabay

You can decide whether you want to shape the candle with sand, cardboard, or with the help of a container. The steps are the same:

  1. Remove the old wick from all candle remains and put the candle remains in the smaller pot.
  2. Fill the broader pot with water so that the smaller container can swim in it without falling over.
  3. Heat the pot with water slightly and wait until the wax has melted. Take care to spill as little as possible, as the steam can be harmful to your health. It’s best to open a window when heating.
  4. Now take cardboard and form a triangle, for example, with a toilet paper roll, you can make a circular cylinder candle. With sand that you moisten slightly before creating, you can also build individual figures, such as a heart. If you use a container suitable for hot wax (glass), you can also pour the candle into this mold.
  5. Pour the hot wax into your favorite variation and insert a finished wick. Alternatively, use a cotton thread, one end of which you wrap around a toothpick or wooden stick. The other end is getting inserted into the melted wax. The toothpick should lie crosswise on the edge of the container or cardboard. It’s the only way to keep the homemade wick in the right position until the wax has hardened. For the sand version, a purchased cord is getting recommended.
  6. If the wax has become cold, you can remove the sand, cardboard, or container from the wick. With the last variant, the box can also remain. When using the sand version, make sure to brush the candle thoroughly before lighting it for the first time. 


Making colored layer candles yourself

Making colored layer candles yourself
How To Make Candles? – Making colored layer candles yourself / Image by skeeze from Pixabay

If monochrome candles are too dull for you, you can try colorful layer candles. To do so, melt small amounts of wax one after the other and color them differently. Pour the candle wax into the mold in layers.

Leave each coat to dry for 1-2 hours to prevent the colors from mixing. In this way, you can make a summer watermelon candle yourself. You can also create cool effects by tilting the container at an angle to dry the layers, by leaning it against a towel.


Making floating candles and tea lights

Making floating candles and tea lights
How To Make Candles? – Making floating candles and tea lights / Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay

Just like big candles, small tea lights can also be caused by yourself. It would help if you had less wax and a shorter wick.

Instead of pouring the candles into old tea light molds made of environmentally harmful aluminum, we recommend small glass vessels or shells.

To turn tea lights into floating candles, let the candle wax solidify in an ice cube or cookie molds.


Making anti-mosquito candles and scented candles yourself

Making anti-mosquito candles and scented candles yourself
How To Make Candles? – Making anti-mosquito candles and scented candles yourself / Image by FallingAngel from Pixabay

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To make your scented candles, add some liquid scented or perfumed oil to the wax. Before doing so, remove the container with the wax from the stove and let it cool down slightly.

Add a maximum of 10 percent essential oil per wax amount. Also, note that scented oils can affect the color of the candle.

You can make anti-mosquito candles just as easily yourself. To do this, flavor your candles with citronella oil. Either pour the candles into pretty glasses or fill the wax into empty lemon peels as tea lights.


Pour beeswax candles or turn them yourself

Pour beeswax candles or turn them yourself
How To Make Candles? – Pour beeswax candles or turn them yourself / Image by Lars Radzymski from Pixabay

You can cast beeswax candles with the matching pellets just like normal stearin or soy wax candles. A unique feature is twisted beeswax candles.

You need for a beeswax candle:

  • The round wick in the desired candle length
  • Beeswax plate
  • Cutter Knives
  • Old newspaper as a base

First, warm the beeswax sheet over the heater so it won’t break so easily when bent. Now place the round wick on edge and wrap it firmly in the beeswax plate.

If the candle is thick enough, cut the edge as a diagonal line, and fold the plate over. Shorten the wick to 1 cm if the beeswax candle is not straight, sand the underside with sandpaper.


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This way your homemade candles burn longer

This way your homemade candles burn longer
How To Make Candles? – This way your homemade candles burn longer / Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

To make sure you get something from your handmade candle for as long as possible, here are eight tips from our expert.

  • As lovely as it looks, avoid too much decoration with flowers, glitter, and spices. The small parts will dirty the wax and make your candle soot more.
  • The ideal wick length is 1 cm. If a piece of the wick falls off, you should fish it out of the wax immediately. To save a cord that is too short, liquefy the candle wax around it, pour it off and sharpen the wick again with your fingers.
  • Large candles in a jar should burn for at least 2 hours at a time. This way, the surface of the candle will liquefy evenly. Otherwise, there will be a tunnel around the wick, and the wax on edge will not melt any more. Never leave the candle unattended when it burns down.
  • It would help if you extinguished scented candles after a maximum of 4 hours. They will smell stronger when lit again. Also, use the break to shorten the wick to 1 cm back.
  • Stifle the flame with a candle bell -do not blow it out. Then dip the wick briefly into the liquid wax and straighten it again. In this way, it will not burn out so quickly the next time it is getting lit.
  • If you want to place several candles next to each other, you should keep a minimum distance of 5 cm between them so that they do not melt each other.
  • To prolong the candles’ burning time, you can store them in the fridge for a few weeks. It is best to put them in a freezer bag to prevent scented candles from losing their aroma.
  • Candles will also burn longer if you sprinkle some salt on the liquid wax around the wick. Salt binds the wax so that the candles last longer.



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