How To Bathe A Dog The Best Way In Easy 9 Steps Explained!

Whether on a walk or in the garden - dogs like to roll around in the dirt. How to give your four-legged friend a proper bath and what you have to pay attention to is here explained in easy nine steps!

How to bathe a dog? – Most dogs do not like bathing, and in most cases, it is not necessary to jump into the bathtub or shower. Nevertheless, from time to time, situations occur where the cleansing bath is the ultimate solution to clean the dog.

Many dog owners will know the following scenario; During the walk, the animal companion rolls around in cow dung or bathes in a dirty and stinking pond. Afterward, he is not only messy but also stinks unbearably.

You can find out how you should proceed when washing your four-legged friend, what you have to pay attention to, and why you are only rarely allowed to bathe your dog.


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When is a dog bath essential?

When is a dog bath essential
How To Bathe A Dog? – When is a dog bath essential? / Image by Katrina_S from Pixabay

If the dog has dirty paws or wet fur after the walk, he does not need to take a bath immediately. As a rule, it is better to brush the dog than to bathe. Dirt can be getting brushed out wonderfully when it is dry.

Alternatively, an absorbent dog mat, which was especially getting developed to absorb mud, water, and dirt, can be used. Put a cloth in your car, your house’s entrance and your surroundings will be getting spared from the soil.

Sometimes, however, dogs can throw themselves into stinking waters or roll in cow dung. In contrast to us humans, the dogs seem to like the smell of cow dung. If the dog’s stench seems unbearable or the dirt is too persistent, a cleaning bath is inevitable.

Also, in the case of skin diseases, such as skin fungus or parasite infestation, dogs may need to be bathed and treated with unique products. If you suspect that your dog has caught fleas or skin fungus, consult your vet. Your vet will inform you how to proceed.


How to bathe a dog? – How to give your dog a correct bath in nine steps explained!

How to give your dog a correct bath
How to bathe a dog? – How to give your dog a correct bath? / Image by oritslama from Pixabay

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How to bathe a dog? – Dog fur has a natural layer of fat that repels dirt and water and thus cleans the hair. This protective layer is getting destroyed during bathing, and it takes several weeks to regenerate. Therefore you should only bathe your dog if either the coat is so bad getting soiled that you cannot simply brush it out or scale and smells strongly. If this is the situation, proceed as follows:

Bathing your dog – what you need

If you want to bathe your dog, you need the following tools:

  • A dog brush
  • A special dog shampoo
  • A towel


  1. Before taking a bath, put a rubber mat in the bathtub. In this way, you ensure that your four-legged friend cannot slip away, and at the same time, you prevent scratches in the bath caused by the dog’s claws.
  2. Adjust the water to a pleasant, lukewarm temperature and make sure that the water jet is not too hard.
  3. Now slowly rinse your dog in the bath. It is best to start with the paws to get used to the water temperature slowly. Then work your way slowly over your back and stomach towards your head. Take care to avoid the eyes and nose area, as dogs are particularly sensitive in these areas. You can carefully rinse the ears on the outside, but never hold the water jet into the ear.
  4. Then apply some dog shampoo to your hand and slowly massage it into the coat with gentle movements. Here too, it is best to work gradually over your back and in front of your head. Take particular care that no shampoo gets into your dog’s eyes and ears.
  5. Then wash the shampoo thoroughly from the coat; otherwise, it may cause dry skin and severe itching later on. Start carefully from the head and work your way backward bit by bit. Again, make sure that no shampoo gets into your dog’s eyes or ears.
  6. Tip: To check whether there is still soap residue in the coat, run your hand over the dog’s hair behind the shower jet. If it foams, there is still some shampoo in it, and you will need to rinse it further.
  7. Once you have thoroughly removed the shampoo, brush the water out of the coat with your hands as much as possible.
  8. Then take a towel and gently rub the coat dry. However, do not do this too roughly, as this could damage your dog’s hair.
  9. You can then lift your dog out of the bath again.

Note: You can also blow-dry your dog very carefully, but only if he is not afraid of it and finds it comfortable. However, keep enough distance so that your dog does not get too hot. Alternatively, your dog can lie down near the heater. In summer, your dog can also dry his coat outside in the sun. 


Bathing dogs tips

Bathing dogs tips
How to bathe a dog? – Bathing dogs tips / Image by Kazime Korkmaz Kalender from Pixabay

After you have prepared everything and the dog is standing safely in the shower cabin or bathtub, you turn the water on with little pressure. In summer, you can shower outside with a garden hose, in winter you should stay in the bathroom. 

The water jet should be gentle so that it is not uncomfortable for the four-legged friend. It’s better to turn the temperature a little cooler than too warm, as too warm water can cause circulation problems and burns for the dog. 

Dogs that also splash in the cold stream when walking has no problem with slightly cooler water temperatures.

Start with the paws when rinsing off and then work your way slowly upwards until the animal roommate’s body is entirely wet. However, you should not use the showerhead because no water should get into the eyes, ears, or nose. 

It is best to use a washcloth for the head area. Soap the wet dog with special dog shampoo and then rinse it off with water. Again, make sure that the foam does not get into the dog’s eyes, ears, or nose; spares the head generously as a precaution. 

Only when all residues of the shampoo have been getting removed, you may dry the dog. If residues remain in the coat, this will lead to itching, and this must be getting avoided.

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Drying the dog

Drying the dog
How to bathe a dog? – Drying the dog / Image by Burst from Pexels

If the sun shines in summer, it is an excellent idea to let the dog dry outdoors. In the colder days or months of the year, you must rub him well so that he does not catch a cold. 

We recommend you to dry the dog carefully in the tub with towels and then lift him out. As it is typical for dogs, your darling will probably shake. It is best to place a large towel loosely over the wet dog or put on a fluffy dog bathrobe to prevent the water from splashing around. 

After the procedure, your darling will be happy about a cuddly place at the heating. With a tasty reward, like a chewing bone, you make sure that he stays there for a while.


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