Everybody in the world has, for some reason, ZERO Sympathies on persons or situations they need to face or deal with them.

Here are 40 Quotes of ZERO Sympathies that will let feel you better!


  1. People getting destroyed by animals after fucking with them.
  1. People who treat everybody like garbage then complain about being lonely. Like, I’m not getting paid to be here. If you act like a dick I’m leaving.
  2. Drunk drivers
  3. People who use suicide against people wanting a breakup. Imagine calling 911 on your birthday.
  4. People who lose their shit over things that don’t matter for example when McDonalds runs out of sauce.
  5. That guy who got killed by that indegnious tribe on that island that the government told him not to go on, because if he went there he would get killed by that indigenous tribe.
  6. People abusing others, especially children, in any way, physical and emotional.
  7. People who throw their trash away, NEXT to the trash bin.
  8. When I see someone driving like a total nobhead, cutting everyone off, causing near-crashes all down the road, and then I pass them later on pulled over by a cop.
  9. Not flushing your shit!
  10. I have zero sympathy for a parent that never says no to their child.
  11. Child abusers/rapists. Actually subhuman.
  12. Westeners who joined and fought for ISIS now wanting to come home.
  13. People who hold strong opinions (generally incorrect ones) without any evidence or reasoning, and refuse to listen to logic, or at least hear other people’s points of view.
  14. People who abuse their kids/pets and then cry when they get taken away from them by CPS/Animal Control.
  15. People who die while doing dumb and preventable shit (taking selfies in dangerous places, taunting wild animals then getting attacked, parkour/other stunts if they know full well it’s beyond their skill, etc.)
  16. I entirely lack sympathy for people that abuse animals and kids or the elderly. In fact, those people actually inspire homicidal tendencies whenever I hear about their bullshit.
  17. Manipulators. As soon as I see you trying to bend someone’s actions/emotions towards your gain, we don’t need to associate anymore.
  18. People who are absolute cunts to minimum wage workers (retail, servers, fast food, etc) then cry when they don’t get their way, or better yet, get kicked out. That worker doesn’t control the price or the inventory, or even the store policy. If you have a problem, ask for a manager like an adult instead of throwing a temper tantrum.
  19. People who mock the disabled.
  20. Sex Traffickers.
  21. People who yell or snap at bartenders and then have to wait longer to get their drink.
  22. Needing to listen to music badly enough that you play your phone speaker on public transportation.
  23. Cheaters. Never have and never will.
  24. People who abuse animals. There’s no greater cowardliness than hurting an animal that doesn’t even understand why it’s being hit or neglected.
  25. People who get towed when they leave their car running in the fire lane in front of supermarkets.
  26. People who treat the homeless like they aren’t humans.
  27. People who text and drive.
  28. Narcissists and abusers in general.
  29. People who piss off the Queens guards and get hurt.
  30. Betrayal. If you backstab me all my faith and trust is gone, and good luck getting it back.
  31. Folks making ZERO effort to care for themselves.
  32. People who do not use their blinker while driving. Why? You’re too lazy to move your hand for a second? You expect everyone else on the road to read your mind? Fuck you, man. Just.. fuck you.
  33. People who died doing incredibly stupid things.
  34. People that go to foreign countries with strict and unreasonable consequences for minor infractions that expect their home country to bail them out when they they try to steal something/commit a crime (in the eyes of the country they are in). I feel bad for their families for having a such a stupid relative.
  35. Mosquito’s , I feel as though they are evolutionary created to be diabolical.
  36. Bullies.
  37. People who view others as prey. You’re all fair game because you’re dumb and trust other people.
  38. People who treat waiters/waitresses poorly.
  1. People who don’t have sympathy for others have no sympathy from me.