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1. Eberlestock Battleship Pack Dry Earth


Eberlestock Battleship Pack Dry Earth


Promising review on Amazon: Love the Battleship!! I researched and then researched some more before pulling the trigger. Spending over $400 on a pack is no small decision and it sure as heck better be… – Terry


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2. Gregory Mountain Products Denali 100 Liter Expedition Backpack


Gregory Mountain Products Denali 100 Liter Expedition Backpack


Promising review on Amazon: I purchased this to upgrade from my old Gregory Whitney (which I put through the ringer) and I am super impressed by the upgrade. Man…. Gregory knows how to make a pack! I purchased this to upgrade from my old Gregory Whitney… – Levi Lee Haines


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3. Eberlestock Dragonfly “M” BigMouth


Eberlestock Dragonfly "M" BigMouth


Promising review on Amazon: Worth each and every penny. I had what I considered to be a fairly large day pack prior to buying the Dragonfly, and I held off on upgrading thinking it wouldn’t be worth the money… – Josh W.


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4. Kelty Tactical Eagle 7850 Backpack (Coyote Brown)


Kelty Tactical Eagle 7850 Backpack (Coyote Brown)


Promising review on Amazon: Meet your new main pack. When I first opened up the box, my excitement quickly turned to worry and apprehensive disappointment. It looks a decent amount smaller than it does… – jdcpa


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5. Ferrino XMT Backpack


Ferrino XMT Backpack


Promising review on Amazon: Five Stars. great – Jose Miguel


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6. 2017VTGR11 Modular Bug Out Bag


2017VTGR11 Modular Bug Out Bag


Promising review on Amazon: Very good backpack. Pro: Good backpack, well built, very comfortable. Can be modified to add on more storage with the molle straps. Very large space… – JoshY


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7. MHM Divide 55 Backpack


MHM Divide 55 Backpack


Promising review on Amazon: Best buy out there for a multiday hike pack. The Divide is super comfortable (the padding is amazing and lets you push the limits for weight for a 55… – Brendan Sullivan


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8. Gregory Mountain Products Deva 70 Liter Women’s Multi Day Hiking Backpack


Gregory Mountain Products Deva 70 Liter Women's Multi Day Hiking Backpack


Promising review on Amazon: Great pack! It’s heavy (about 8 lb), but totally worth it if you are going to be carrying a heavy load anyways. My pack usually ranges from 30 to 50 pounds (I know…), and… – Rachel Ilana


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9. Horn Hunter Full Curl System Backpack


Horn Hunter Full Curl System Backpack


Promising review on Amazon: Husband loves this backpack, highly recommend! My husband has been eyeballing this backpack for almost a year now, but didn’t want to put the money out for it because he’s not the kind of guy to… – Taylor S.


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10. Eberlestock X2 Hunting BagPack


Eberlestock X2 Hunting BagPack


Promising review on Amazon: A very pleasant surprise came in the mail. Having coming from Ireland, and hunting in Scotland I was not sure what companies other than ICON or KUIU, which I used for years and love dearly… – Daniel j Callaghan IV


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