Elon Musk States: Choose “The Dark Ages” or Renewables Energy

The Dark Ages or Renewables Energy!

Elon Musk States: Choose “The Dark Ages” or Renewables Energy! Do you want to be my partner Australia? Sure, why not! Two hands are ready for a long-term shake, a big country, and a man with his visions.

Australia places his position on the new future solution’s marathon in the starting lines.

On the other side, a man that has no longer concerns about life itself. Attractive to have such people that can change the way we are living.

“I didn’t realize there was this big battle going on,”
“I didn’t realize there was this big battle going on,” Image Credit: WalrusRider / Youtube.

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We found an excellent article on the web written by Kyree Leary on futurism.com.

He explains more in detail about this project, take a look over there if you are curious about such news.

For me, it was enough in the primary line that long sides are colliding in a new era.


Elon Musk Says We Must Switch to Renewables or Plunge Into “The Dark Ages”

Tesla and CEO Elon Musk have a hand in the future of Australia’s energy grid.

Back in June, the company signed a deal with Transgrid to supply New South Wales homes with their Powerpacks;

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in July, Tesla landed a second contract to build a 100-Megawatt battery system in South Australia, which Musk proposed to have finished within 100 days. READ MORE


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Australian faces considerable challenges in the future to provide cheap and reliable electricity into the grid.

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Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk is building the world’s most massive Lithium-Ion battery in South Australia, but is it the solution?


Does Elon Musk Have The Answers to Australia’s Electricity Crisis?


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