Two Lady Transforms Double Decker To 12 Bed Bus Shelter For Homeless: Bus Shelter For Homeless, How does it sound?

The winter has started. It feels awful for those who don’t have a house and trying to sleep on the streets.

How does it feel for homeless people do not own a home and have to face the busy cold streets to take a nap?

Today, I have found a fascinating article about a few great peoples and a community that has started a profitable humanity project.


Bus Shelter Homeless Project

There are sometimes people around us who want to change something, like the two UK women who have created a Bus Shelter Homeless project.

A community came together for the people who need a warm bed on cold days.

Sammy Barcroft and Joanne Vines are the leaders of charity groups named The Rucksack Project, and they joined to some organizations turning old useless vehicles into mobile homeless shelters.

Double Decker Bus Bed For The Homeless

They bought a Stagecoach bus left behind for scrap. They call out for help to start the “double-decker bus bed shelter project.”

It took about eight months with up to 80 workers and a cost like $8000 to let the bus have its kitchen with 12 beds inside.


The Homeless Bus Project

Most of the renovators donated there own time and talent’s for such a homeless bus project.

Usually, this kind of project had cost more than $33k.

Thanks to people who supported for free.

Vines told at the end of the project:

“it’s finished, and it’s staying in Portsmouth, but I’m happy to have a rest,”

The brand new bus hotel shelter will stand in front of St. Agatha’s Church to help 300,000 homeless people currently living in Britain.

Take a look at these pictures and write your comments.

Bus Shelter
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