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Foods high in copper - Here is the list of rich copper foods!

Foods high in copper – Here is the list of rich copper foods!

Foods such as fish, nuts, seeds, whole grains, legumes, cocoa and offal such as liver contain a lot of copper. Here are the foods with high copper...
Oysters Food is high in zinc.

Foods high in zinc – The best sources of zinc in food is here!

Zinc is a real all-rounder in the body because the trace element makes you healthy, fit, and cares for your skin. Among other things, zinc is getting involved...
Foods high in selenium - These foods contain much selenium

Foods high in selenium – These foods contain rich selenium.

Some plants can accumulate selenium, and the Brazil nut tree is one of them. Brazil nuts contain particularly high levels of selenium. Cabbage (broccoli, white cabbage) and...
Foods high in polyphenols - These foods contain many polyphenols!

Foods high in polyphenols – These foods contain many polyphenols!

Polyphenols are not a uniform group of substances but occur as secondary plant substances, as dyes, tannins, or flavorings in plants. For the human organism, polyphenols are of...
Foods high in calcium

Foods high in calcium – Get the best food list that contains much calcium!

The chemical element of calcium is an essential component of most plants and animals. Of all minerals, this naturally occurring element makes up the most significant proportion...
Foods high in fiber

High-fiber foods: Here are the best foods high in fiber!

Dietary fibers are plant fibers that humans cannot digest or can only absorb to a limited extent. In the human body, they fulfill essential functions. In-plant foods, dietary...
Foods High In Iron

Foods High In Iron – Best Iron Suppliers, there’s much iron in here!

Food containing iron helps, among other things, to transport oxygen in the body and also has other essential functions. Read here which foods contain the most iron.   About...
Foods high in potassium

Foods high in potassium – Cereals, vegetables, fruits, meat, and fish

Foods containing potassium can be getting found among vegetables, in meat, fish, but also fruits. Legumes are particularly high in potassium. Soybeans, lima beans, and white beans...
High protein vegan foods

High protein vegan foods – Top 10 and best vegan protein sources

Which vegan protein sources are the best? Many would like to eat less meat if they only knew what vegan protein sources are available. And if they...

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