If you think your cat is in depression, there are behavioral therapy and drug treatments that get applied to our loved friends.


What should we do if our cat friend is depressed?

If you think your cat friend is depressed, you should start a treatment process with the guidance of your veterinarian.

It is crucial to find the causes of the problem in the treatment process. In depression, cats should be treated more kindly and be more interested.

There are psychological states of owners among the causes of depression in cats.

Especially in stressful and irritable periods, cats can be affected by the constant follow-up of what is going on around you.


What is the treatment of depression in Cats?

Cat depression treatment gets practiced in two ways.


Drug Treatment For Cats

If your cat has depression and diagnosed, it may be necessary to start the drug treatment process that your veterinarian will consider appropriate.

In the medicated period, there use noradrenaline, and dopamine drugs to regulate the psychological structure reinforcing.


Behavioral Therapy For Cats

The reason for the reactions of cats gets determined by taking notes by continually following the different behaviors of cats.

Try to teach the routine with hilarious and funny reactions without getting your cat tired one by one.

Play your best game with your cat by surprising with toys and games. That will start to build life energy and motivation on your cat.

Don’t persistent in the same foods; try to give new and different types of tasty meals.



Depression is not just a condition seen in humans, and It can be seen in cats as well. Cats are among the most emotional animals.

Our cat friends can be affected by changes in the environment, and these can cause depression.

Our cat friends can’t talk, but they can tell us things about their behavior. We can found out from the act of our cat friend its in depression.


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