Bike Helmet Cycle Gear – Take Advantage Of Smart Cycling Helmet

Smart Cycling Helmet

Are you searching for a new bike helmet cycle gear? This Smart Cycling Helmet will one of your loved ones! Imagine that you can hear all the surrounding sounds and listen or speak with others at the same time.

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The bone conduction technology converts sound waves into vibrations and sends them through your upper cheekbones to let you listen to any sound of your choices.

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This technology will allow you to ride your bike safe and motivated by listening to music. The SOS Emergency Contact feature will notify your loved ones by a helmet impact as well.

Best Bike Helmet Cycle Gear
Best Bike Helmet Cycle Gear



– w/Bone Conducting Audio
– SOS Emergency Alert
– Fully adjustable sizing/Connects via Bluetooth for music
– Calls and Navigation
– Comfortable
– Lightweight
– Breathable

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Bicycle Parts And Bike Accessories
Bicycle Parts And Bike Accessories


It has a “Coros Link App” available for Apple iOS and Android that will allow you :

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– Track Your Rides
– Track Ride History
– Track Distance
– Time
– Average Speed
– Max Speed
– Calories Burned
– Elevations
– More

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