It is vital for a healthy body to eat at least once a week the best food fats. Most of us think already eating fat will make me fattier!

Eating fat doesn’t always help us gain weight. Some oils have no harm to our bodies as well as benefits.

At least once a week we explain the most healthy fats you need to consume.


Best Healthy Food Fats


Full-Fat Yogurt

People think that low-fat yogurt is healthier than usual, but generally, low-fat food contains more sugar in it.

Whole-fat yogurt has good fats and improves your digestion thanks to healthy probiotics.


We all know that the egg is a high protein source. The yolk of the egg also contains good fats and all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids you need.

If you’re worried about cholesterol, you can be sure that a few eggs per week will not raise your cholesterol level.


Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the best healthful fats consumed. You can also use this oil when frying.

You can add coconut oil into a lot of things. You can use this food as a beauty product and add it to your dessert and coffee.



Ghee, known as pure clarified butterfat, is the most untouched state of fat derived from cow’s milk.


Oily Fish

Oily fish like salmon are best for your health. Omega-3 fatty acids are a type of fat that helps prevent arthritis, heart disease, and a lot of other conditions.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Did you know that regular olive oil drinkers live longer? Olive oil is a nutrient that you must add to your diet.

Try to consume your salads and meals with olive oil. Choose olive oil as well as extra virgin.



Avocado is a unique fruit that you can easily consume every day. It’s packed with vitamins and good monounsaturated fatty acids that your body needs.

Avocado, which helps digestion, keeps full for a long time, Fights Cancer, beautifies the skin. You can use avocado in the morning, lunch or dinner.



Nuts contain the most natural oils for health. Walnut is great for Brain Health and prevents cardiovascular problems, and almonds are full of antioxidants, peanuts are a vital source of selenium.

Make your snacks a habit of consuming nuts. It is also more healthy to consume the raw nuts, remember.


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