Start your sauna wellness for your face today with a homemade small facial sauna!

The beauty ritual should not be done more than once or twice a week and preferably in the evening. It should last only five to ten minutes. If you overdo it, you will deprive your skin of essential lipids and dry it out.

The cleansed face is held over a large bowl with about two liters of hot water, while the towel over the head keeps the steam from evaporating.

Let us check out here the benefits of steaming your face and what needs to consider.


Benefits of steaming face

Facial steaming or facial steam bath is a treatment of the facial skin with hot steam. It opens the pores, draws dirt in the sebaceous glands to the surface, provides a healthy blood circulation and more oxygen in the cells

Deposits and blockages are getting removed, and no new sebum drops can form in the pores, no blackheads or pimples are getting produced. The warmth and an additional facial massage also promote blood circulation to the skin. The sebum becomes thin and can flow optimally together with slag and waste materials

For long-term pure skin, the steam bath should be getting carried out once or twice a week. Impurities are getting reduced, and new pimples and blackheads are getting counteracted.


How to make a face steam bath?

Pour hot water inside a large bowl and add certain herbs and plants. Then hold the face in the steam for a few minutes. The whole thing looks better if you pull a towel over your head. The bowl creates a small face sauna.

The warm steam opens the skin pores. It allows sebum and dirt to escape from the skin. At the same time, the plant essences can pamper and care for the skin. This way, the skin receives a deep cleansing and then literally breathes again. Besides, the tissue of the skin is getting strengthenedmuscles stimulated, and thus preventing wrinkles.

Of course, you can make a steam bath without plant additives if you just want to cleanse the skin.


Which additive suits which skin type on facial bath?

Dried herbs, teas, essences or oilswhich additive is right for you depends on your skin. You should refine the facial steam bath only with natural ingredients!

For impure skin, a steam bath with chamomile is getting recommended. It has a calming and anti-inflammatory effect. However, it is also suitable for any type of skin that is stressed or prone to mild redness. Simply get two bags of chamomile tea or dried chamomile flowers.

Sage is also getting recommended for pimples; it is anti-inflammatory and disinfecting. Simply add it to the water in the form of tea or dried leaves.

Tea tree oil has a disinfecting effect and can remove toxins from the skin, to which it is getting exposed in everyday life. Tea tree oil is for stressed skin just as optimal as for skin with blackheads as well.

In cracked areas or dehydrated skin, marigolds have a cleansing and healing effect.

A facial steam bath with rosemary has a refreshing and circulation-promoting effect on the skin. The essential oils are also antibacterial. One tablespoon of rosemary needles is enough; it is best to chop them a little in advance or crush them in a mortar.

If you use grapefruit slices or grapefruit oil into the water, you get a firming effect on the skin.


Is every face skin type suitable for a steam bath?

Not every face steam bath is suitable for every skin type. Instead, you should first know which skin type you have and which plants work best on your skin

If you want to achieve a calming and cleansing effect, a chamomile bath helps very well. If you’re going to rid your skin of blackheads, you can do this particularly well with tea tree oil.

Steam baths are not suitable for people with enlarged blood vessels. Due to the heat, these widen even more, and the pressure in the veins creates even more unsightly branches.



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