Batman Fortnite Theme – Watch The Fortnite X Batman Announce Trailer Video! The New Event in Fortnite is a Batman Crossover with matching Skins and more.

Fortnite tilted town becomes Gotham City: in Fortnite, an event around Batman is getting launched on September 21, including matching Skins, gliders, and weapons.

The dark knight Batman celebrates its 80th anniversary. That rewards Epic not only. Besides, it has been coming in since yesterday.

The event will take place from September 21 to October 6, 2019. Besides, there are thematically appropriate weapons, gliders, and Skins for the players.


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Content with Batman theme on Fortnite

  •     The Bat-Cape as a glider
  •     Batman-Chopper Gun
  •     Explosive Batarang
  •     Outfits “Batman” and “the Dark Knight«
  •     Catwoman Outfit
  •     Batman-style cosmetic Items

The Batman cosmetic Items are available in the store until October 6, 2019. In the newly emerged Gotham, you will also find the Batman Gadgets to try out and can additionally complete matching challenges (such as lighting a Bat-Signal), which you can unlock the cosmetic Items by October 1. You can also use your glider as many times as you like.

The challenges are free for everyone and not only for owner Battle Passes for Season 10, which ends on October 6.


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Watch Batman Fortnite Theme Trailer Video:


What can Batman Gadgets?

The patch notes provide a detailed overview of the Batman Event and all other changes. They also provide additional information about the new Batman Gadgets.

The unhook gun is available on the frequency level “mythical” and can be found on the ground, in chests, in supplies, or Lamas.

It contains a total of ten charges and allows the player to draw to the point of impact of the hook. He forms a flat bow in the air, at the peak of which a Bat-Cape appears.

The explosive Batarang is also available under the frequency “mythical” and can be getting found in the same places. It appears in five stacks. The maximum stack size is ten.

The consumable item is getting thrown in a reasonably flat arc and automatically flies towards enemies near which it explodes. It is equivalent to 50 damage to the player and 200 damage to the environment.

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