A very talented Photographer named Christoffer Relander has published sequences of lovely pictures presenting colorful landscapes inside glass jars.

Christoffer Relander
Christoffer Relander

The project he makes is called Jarred & Displaced and is a look worth.

By creating his unique art photography project, he visited back to the places where he has grown up as a child and took from these places pictures to fit them inside glass jars.

We found this article at petapixel.com and was getting written by Michael Zhang.

Here is a sneak peek from the page:


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These Colorful Landscapes in Jars Are In-Camera DSLR Double Exposures

The scenes are mostly in the countryside in the south of Finland.

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The creative Contemporary Photographer Christoffer Relander says:


“All works are intentional double exposures shot in-camera on a DSLR (Nikon D800E) — this project was not created or layered in external software,” Relander says.

“Images are not put into physical jars (as is misunderstood sometimes), only blended into one photograph.”

Source: petapixel.com

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