Using the Air Conditioning in the summer times is a gift thanks from the engineers, but the wrong usage can make you sick as well.

With the arrival of summer months, the use of air conditioning began at home, at work, and in public transportation.

We need to know that the wrong air conditioning usage can make us sick.


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What are the disadvantages of air conditioning?

Air conditioners, which are widely used today, can be seen as an oasis in the desert to simulate.

In particular, air conditioners that are low in quality or have not been carefully cleaned can cause diseases.

That start with symptoms such as fever, weakness, and cough.

If the mentioned symptoms are not taken into consideration, the disease size can reach up to pneumonia.


What do you need to pay attention to when using air conditioning?

The quality of air conditioners is essential. And care must be taken as well.

When used in this way, asthma, diabetes, and heart disease persons can even benefit from air conditioning. However, attention should be paid.

Bacteria in the filters of air conditioners that have not been cleaned can cause respiratory infections.

Especially asthma patients should avoid in the air conditioner situated bacteria, and fungal spores.

Its constitute a significant threat for such patients, and this can easily lead them to asthma attacks and lung infections.


What precautions should be taken to avoid the discomfort caused by air conditioning?

One of the mistakes that desk staff often make is that they sit in front or back of the air conditioner.

Therefore, it can cause contraction and involvement in the muscles.

Especially in the case of sweating, we should never sit in front of the air conditioner.



Try to avoid much as possible the usage of the air conditioning in long times. Your body tries to adapt the climatic changes from self and balances to his surroundings. Just cool your area so enough that you are not going to start sweating.