Can you remember a time where you had to explain some dumbest things to someone else? Then you are not alone!

Check these 31 Dumbest Things that were needed to explain!


  1. That she adopted grandbaby from Korea wouldn’t just grow up automatically knowing Korean or have a Korean accent.
  2. I had to explain to my sister how you don’t get a longer ride if you sit at the back of the roller coaster.roller coaster
  3. You have to unbox and plug in a router for it to work.plug in a router
  4. That Amazon is a rainforest, not just an online shopping site. We were in geography.. studying the Amazon.Amazon
  5. I had to explain to a coworker that there was religion before Jesus.religion before Jesus
  6. Just because the sun and moon appear to be the same size in the sky, they are not the same size.sun and moon appear to be the same size
  7. Australian’s don’t move Christmas to July just because it is cold. Christmas is not dependent on the weather and is celebrated on the same day around the world whether it is snowing or sunny.Christmas is not dependent on the weather
  8. That the moon doesn’t produce its own light.moon doesn't produce its own light
  9. That no, a memory card is not an acceptable substitute for a film when you only have a FILM camera with you.memory card is not an acceptable
  10. That using the handbrake instead of your normal brakes in a car is a bad idea.using the handbrake
  11. That the fact that a laptop is wireless doesn’t mean you don’t have to charge the battery.charge the battery
  12. The sun you see on earth is the same sun that you can see on Mars.sun that you can see on Mars
  13. That periods are not able to be controlled like the urge to pee.periods are not able to be controlled
  14. Alaska and Hawaii still state, even though they are not attached to the continental US.Alaska and Hawaii still state
  15. Knights and castles were real, not just made up for movies.Knights and castles
  16. That aluminum is indeed metal and CANNOT go into the microwave.aluminum is indeed metal
  17. Rainbows are not in space.Rainbows
  18. That eagles aren’t as big as planes and the only reason they look the same size when up in the air is because the plane is 30,000+ ft in the air and the eagle is much closer.eagles aren't as big as planes
  19. You can’t spot-reduce fat. You cant get a 6 pack just by doing abs if your body fat is high.get a 6 pack
  20. That birds do, in fact, have muscles. Seriously, they were asking how birds can fly if they don’t have birds can fly
  21. That you don’t need a rooster to get eggs from chickens.get eggs from chickens
  22. That acetaminophen and ibuprofen are different medicines and the dosage is different for them. So you don’t take the same MG for each.different medicines
  23. That if you are going 60 mph it will take 1 hour to go 60 miles.going 60 mph
  24. The sun does not go in between the earth and the moon during a lunar eclipse.lunar eclipse
  25. Notre Dame is a church. Not a castle. Yes, there is a difference.Notre Dame is a church
  26. The CD tray on your computer is not a cup holder.CD tray on your computer
  27. That meteorites aren’t really shooting stars falling off the sky into the earth.shooting stars
  28. That carbon monoxide poisoning is a thing and we were in the middle of a Group suicide if you did not turn off your car which has been running for a half-hour in an underground Garage.underground Garage
  29. That “if you wish” means “if you want”.if you wish
  30. Dinosaurs existed and not just randomly placed by God to test people’s faith.Dinosaurs existed
  31. That just because you’re on a boat that’s moving, and the breeze makes your skin feel cool, you can still get can still get sunburned