Hide Millennium Falcon On The Ground But Google Maps Will Catch Ya
Image Credit: Hide Millennium Falcon On The Ground But Google Maps Will Catch Ya / giphy.com

The film sector attempts their finest to maintain details under secret before the movie premiere.

When we are talking about Star Wars, it seems to be harder to hide your loved ones from the paparazzi’s.


The legendary Millennium Falcon from Star Wars is trying to be hidden from a bundle of shipping containers placed throughout the freeway from Longcross Studios outside of London.


We don’t know when the pictures were taken from the satellites or at which date where Disney started to keep the Millennium Falcon faraway from prying eyes.

You can take a look here for the position on google maps.

This Millennium Falcon Google Maps news has started way back in June on yahoo but people on the internet and the Star Wars fans have started this week talk again about this.

The new series Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be expected to be in theaters on December 15. and its normal that star wars lovers try to catch anything related to this new movie.

Maybe that’s not the best of google maps have taken but also not the boring ones.

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